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‘Godzilla: Resurgence’ Plot Details Unveil Major Spoilers!




Earlier this morning we posted several photos from Toho’s upcoming Godzilla: Resurgence, which showed a version of the titular creature that we haven’t really seen before. He looked ripped but also damaged, as though he was injured and recovering from serious battling. Well, it turns out that there is a reason for this and it’s pretty major!

Before you read below, I strongly encourage anyone who wants to avoid spoilers to click away as this could ruin parts of the movie!

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The folk over at Birth.Movies.Death. have gotten word on Godzilla’s scratched and wounded demeanor, which apparently is his first form in the movie!

That’s right! Godzilla will be changing forms not once but twice for a total of three separate looks, the final of which apparently will be what fans have come to know and love over the years.

Godzilla: Resurgence, the 29th entry in the franchise, will be hitting theaters in Japan this summer. It is co-directed by Hideaki Anno (Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (Attack on Titan). Anno has written the script.


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