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Freddy’s Glove Appeared in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’!



Remember in A Nightmare on Elm Street when Nancy was trying to stay awake so she watched Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead? Or how about when Freddy’s glove appeared in Evil Dead II. From what I understand and what I’ve heard, this back-and-forth between Sam Raimi and Wes Craven was essentially a game of one-upsmanship to try and create the scarier movie. Essentially, it was a dick measuring contest but in rather a friendly manner.

Well, it seems that this tradition has continued as the season finale of the horror comedy series “Ash vs Evil Dead” hid Freddy’s razor glove in the fruit cellar of the cabin where the last few episodes took place.

Below is a photo that shows the glove on the wall, although it seems to be missing the actual razors. Still, there’s no denying that what you’re seeing is the weapon of the Springwood Slasher!

"Ash vs Evil Dead"

“Ash vs Evil Dead”

'Evil Dead 2'

‘Evil Dead 2’

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