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Even the Crew of ‘AVP: Requiem’ Seemed to Hate Their Job



Remember the 2006 disaster that was Alien versus Predator: Requiem? You know, the one that didn’t really make much sense and was also so dark that half the time you couldn’t even see what was on the screen? Yeah, what a mangled disaster that movie was.

I mean, I’ll give credit where credit is due in the fact that the Predalien was a sweet concept that probably looked awesome. I just couldn’t ever see it clearly. Also, they flat out killed a kid without looking away. Seriously, they didn’t turn away when the facehugger latched on and they didn’t turn away when the alien burst out of his chest. Definite applause from me there.

But the rest of the movie? Wow. Just…just wow. And I think the crew knew just how bad it was going to be because we now have video evidence of them during filming looking annoyed as shit. Seriously, watch the below video and starting at about 1:45 and running for 45-ish seconds, there’s a lighting guy who clearly is beyond annoyed with how things are being run.

What say you? Am I being too hard on this movie or does it deserve all the vitriol it gets?

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