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Tour a Murder House in the ‘P.T.’ Inspired ‘Visage’



As sure as I am that Silent Hills is dead, there’s still a whispery voice in the back of my head that sometimes wonders if all of it was another of Kojima’s elaborate ruses. When I write about P.T.-inspired horror games like Allison Road, I’m reminded of a line from the very beginning of P.T. that asked, “Are you sure the only you is you?”

That’s an existentially intriguing string of words to see in the teaser for a game that would get thrown away, then have its identity divvied up among a handful of spooky games I now refer to as “P.T.-inspired” because that’s fast and makes immediate sense, whereas “photorealistic first-person haunted house simulator” is like, four words too many.

The point is, I’d really like to tell you about this P.T.-inspired horror game called Visage.

Set inside a ginormous home with lovely high ceilings and woefully narrow hallways, Visage comes across as a more straightforward “successor” to P.T.. Apparently, a bunch of families were murdered in the house you’ve chosen to tour, at night, alone, and now it’s up to you to figure out why anyone would want to ruin those pristine walls with the blood of their loved ones.

It’s not the “first horror game in which most of the events are randomly activated” that it claims to be — Matt Cohen did it in 2012 with Paranormal — but I absolutely support their using it for inspiration. There’s room left for another Paranormal, especially when that game comes with virtual reality support so we can better appreciate the talents of Jarek Kubicki, an artist whose works will be featured in the game.

Visage is aiming for a release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, assuming the Kickstarter campaign its developer is about to launch ends up being successful.


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