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PLNKTN Pays Homage to ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ With “Soma Holiday” [Exclusive]



Sometimes we’re offered music video premieres that take us aback and remind us that the craft of creating an exceptional clip isn’t dead, that there are directors and production teams that want to create something truly special and memorable. Such is the case with PLNKTN‘s latest video for “Soma Holiday”, which we’re thrilled to bring to you.

Directed by Anna Zlokovic, the video is a dreamy and sublime journey following a deformed man who is attempting to bring back his wife from beyond the abyss of death. As the headline states, it’s an homage to Bride of Frankenstein, only this time The Monster and Dr. Frankenstein are one and the same. Zlokovic obviously invested a great deal of herself into creating this clip, which brims with emotion while never once shying away from the dark and rather morbid and macabre foundation of the story. It’s a wonderful story that shows that true love will face any challenge, will see beyond scars and deformities, and will stop at nothing to succeed.

PNKTN explains:

It’s an amazing thing to watch someone reinterpret your art. “Soma Holiday” is my favorite and the most personal song on the whole “Enjoy the Quiet Life” EP. Anna, Simona and everyone at Aporkalypse Productions did an incredible job creating the perfect visual companion to the song that showcases elements of the recording I didn’t know were there. In a short burst of colorful storytelling, the video for “Soma Holiday” creates a unique world for the song live.

“Soma Holidays” comes from the newly released Enjoy the Quiet Life EP, which you can order via iTunes.

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Writer/director Anna Zlokovic adds:

For me, it’s really special to get to work on a project like this with collaborators who are both friends and amazing artists. PLNKTN and I were always on the same page– with that trust, I felt like I could create my own personal relationship with the song and also let my imagination go to some bizarre places without holding back at all. I think having that freedom created a video that felt very real, intimate, and right for the song and to us.

PLNKTN online:

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