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Artist Reimagines Disney Movies as Though They Were Created by Tim Burton



The movies of Tim Burton often have a strong fantasy element behind them. Yeah, they can be horrific and surreal, but there’s this strong undercurrent of childhood wonder that permeates through them that I, at least in his older films, love. Movies like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, and Sleepy Hollow almost felt like stories you would read to your children before bed. Admittedly, you’d only do this if you wanted to give them nightmares. That’s why I’m going to be an awful/awesome parent.

A studio that is known almost exclusively for their fairy tale stories is Disney, who have spent the better part of nearly a century creating movies that area adaptations of renowned fairy tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, Pinnochio, etc…

But what if the worlds of Tim Burton and Disney came together and the surreal director took on the responsibility of creating movies based on those tales? That’s where artist Andrew Tarusov comes in as he took 10 iconic Disney movies and created faux posters in the style and artwork of Tim Burton.

They’re not 100% on the spot but I actually really like that because it shows Tarusov’s own flair and embellishments while remaining nearly completely faithful to the concept.

You can see the gallery below and then find out more about Tarusov at his official website.

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