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A Valentine’s Day Message from ‘Outlast 2’



Eddie Gluskin, aka The Groom, may be the most tragic character I’ve seen in a video game. We barely had time to get to know him before he met a violent end in Outlast: Whistleblower. All he ever wanted was a wife, like the one his dad had.

He was misunderstood. Gluskin wasn’t a murder-giddy psychopath, he was a romantic. The only thing he was truly guilty of was being willing — eager, even — to do whatever it took so that he could find a silky smooth darling to call his own. And when that didn’t work, he got resourceful.

Red Barrels knows this, so they cut him loose from the ceiling he was probably still hanging so he could deliver a very special Valentine’s Day message while we wait for Outlast 2.


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