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‘Halloween’: Could Michael Myers End Up On Television?!




Now that Dimension Films has lost the rights to Halloween, what’s next for Michael Myers and company?

We’ve been trying to find out where he may land, and have some ideas, but there’s also a potential television series in the works, an unconfirmed source tells Fangoria.

The site alleges that a television reboot of Halloween would be a “limited series event,” with the option being restricted to a 3-to-5 season commitment akin to Guillermo del Toro’s TV adaptation of “The Strain.”

Does this mean we shouldn’t expect a refresher of the Halloween film franchise? According to their source, things haven’t gone as planned, and that’s why a television series is the new focal point for the producers/rights holders:

“These developments are fairly new in nature, and Trancas International Pictures is still fielding offers from production entities regarding bringing Halloween to the big screen. However, as budget horror becomes a more and more of a rarity in Hollywood, Halloween‘s studio search might not have gone as smoothly as planned as Malek Akkad & Trancas still aim to keep up the franchise’s costly, old-school production value; in other words, a micro-budget, day-and-date Halloween film might be off-the-table, which could give way to a Halloween series that could carry that cinematic production value.”

Right now a “Friday the 13th” series is in development at CW, while MTV is now filming their second season of Wes Craven’s “Scream.”

And with horror taking over television, why wouldn’t a network or cabler take a chance on a franchise as huge as Halloween? The name itself has got to be worth millions of viewers.

But we shouldn’t get too excited, yet, as this has yet to be confirmed, not to mention nothing is imminent.

With that said, how cool would it be to see Michael Myers resurrected on the small screen? Or, what if they decided to take it in the direction of Halloween 3 and tell a different story each season?

No matter, the character of Michael Myers ended up being (overly) rich in mythology…and with the rise in popularity of true-crime television, doesn’t it make a lot of sense to do a series based on the most terrifying killer of them all?!

What do you guys think?


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