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The ‘Jump Street’/’Men In Black’ Crossover Nabs A Title



If you were still doubting its existence, doubt no more.  The crossover film between the Jump Street and Men In Black franchises is officially happening.  Furthermore, it now has a title: MIB 23.  This madcap Sony crossover event will go into production this June, ahead of a Summer 2017 release.  According to Variety, Phil Lord & Chris Miller will not be returning to direct, but they remain on board as producers.  Instead, James Bobin (“Flight of the Conchords“) will take on helming duties, fresh off directing two sequels for Disney (Muppets Most Wanted and Alice Through The Looking Glass).  And yes, both Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be headlining the film.

A lot of fans of the two existing Jump Street films have been rolling their eyes at this project and I honestly have no idea why.  21 Jump Street wonderfully attacked the industry’s reboot craze.  22 Jump Street targeted Hollywood’s obsession with a never-ending parade of sequels.  The only logical place for a third outing to go is to set their sights on crossovers.  By combining its comedic might with the genre-bending ridiculousness of the MIB franchise, this third Jump Street film has the chance to give us the cinematic universe-skewering trilogy-capper that we deserve.  It’s a genius idea and I sincerely hope that they pull it off.

Word is that neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones will be reprising their roles as Agents Jay and Kay from the existing MIB trilogy.  That’s a bummer, but here’s hoping Sony can still manage to pull in a few of the supporting characters from the franchise.  I’m sure they’re hoping this will somehow revive the MIB property, so look for them to cast some actors who can carry it beyond this satirical crossover spectacular.  Personally, I’m hoping that Ice Cube’s character has somehow been promoted to head of the MIB.  If we can’t have Rip Torn screaming at agents anymore, who better to replace him than Cube?

Hat tip to ComicBook for the logo reveal…


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