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Which Video Game Had the Best Devil?



Most of us have been to Hell and back more times than we can count. The underworld has long been a popular destination in video games, and the same can be said for the guy who rules it. With the arrival of the new Doom just around the corner — May 13(!) — I wanted to take a look back at some of gaming’s most devilish devils and, if we’re up for it, finally determine which devil devil’d best.

And to make this a wee bit easier on you, I have a working list of Satans, Lucifers, and Hades’ for you to choose from below. I haven’t gotten around to playing all the games yet, so if you think you have a more worthy pick, feel free to share it in the comments below.

Fleming, Shadows of the Damned
Diablo, Diablo
Hades, God of War III
Icon of Sin, Doom II: Hell On Earth
Mundus, Devil May Cry
Satan, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Chaos, Final Fantasy
Samael, Darksiders
Lucifer and his Horrifying Member, Dante’s Inferno

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