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The Groom Finds Love in Freaky ‘Outlast’ Cosplay



Eddie Gluskin, aka The Groom, was the sinister, sex-starved star of Outlast: Whistleblower, in which he proved himself a reliable source of both sadistic terror and endlessly quotable lines — “You make yourself a gift for me, a delicacy to be unwrapped and unwrapped again… and savored.” His quest for love was doomed from the start, his tragic existence destined to end the very moment karma caught up with him.

It’s easy to look at these talented cosplayers and the scene they recreated and see a deadly game of cat and mouse between an eager Gluskin and his unwilling soulmate, Waylon Park. There’s little humanity in those hungry, bloodshot eyes. They’re animalistic. That’s what I love about this. The cosplay itself isn’t too complicated, but cosplayer Dmitry Mishin makes up for that with some unnerving facial expressions.

In related news, I recently spent some time with the crazy intense Outlast 2 demo, the playthrough of which you can find right here:


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