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Let’s Play 10 Minutes in ‘Heathen’



That headline’s for all of you who mispronounce Heathen, which is the name of Frog Factory’s unofficial video game successor to H.G. Wells’ influential 1896 novel The Island of Doctor Moreau. It was greenlit on Steam late last month, and to celebrate the achievement its developer shared ten more minutes of footage from the upcoming PC horror game.

The episodic epilogue to Wells’ thoughtful examination of human identity and our capacity for cruelty isn’t expected until sometime next year, so everything you see is still a work-in-progress, though you wouldn’t necessarily know that looking at this impressive demo.

What may be most intriguing about this game is that it focuses on one of Dr. Moreau’s beasts as it attempts to reclaim the island piece by piece from the humans after they lose control of it. Even more intriguing is the mechanic that lets players “become a beast to liberate yourself from difficult situations.” I’m very interested in seeing how that clever idea turns out.

Heathen is listed for “2017(?)”, so it may come earlier than that.


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