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The Latest ‘Dead Rising 4’ Trailer Has it All



When jolly old Frank West returns to Willamette, Colorado this December in Dead Rising 4, he’s going to want to slam some ‘nog and snap some selfies. He’ll have plenty time to do both, since all he really needs to do is show up for a Christmas-themed reimagining of the 2006 original.

It surprises me a little bit to write it, but this will be the first full game to feature 4-player co-op. That standalone Dead Rising 3 DLC with the ridiculously long and goofy name also sported the feature so it’s not an “official” first for the series, but don’t fret, we’ll have plenty of shiny new toys to keep ourselves busy when the festivities begin.

I think I understand Capcom’s strategy with Dead Rising 4, and that’s to either do it better, have more of it, or to try and do both, whenever possible. Representing the former is the EXO suit, which can be customized — much like a combo weapon or vehicle — and specially tailored to suit Frank’s needs. The game will also introduce an agile new enemy type that can attack an unsuspecting Frank from above.

Dead Rising 4 is expected on Dec 6 for Windows 10 and Xbox One.


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