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‘Layers of Fear: Inheritance’ Gets a Launch Trailer



Bloober Team’s genuinely psychedelic horror game will get a much-needed epilogue chapter next week with the arrival of its first story DLC, Layers of Fear: Inheritance, on August 2. Where the main game followed an exceptionally talented alcoholic’s rapid descent into madness, the DLC will revolve around his daughter as she comes home to face her past and potentially find forgiveness for her father.

The answers to the burning questions I still have about this miserable cast of people won’t stay hidden from me for long, and I suspect they won’t paint a pretty picture when they are finally exhumed. It’s worth mentioning that there are two possible endings to Inheritance, so it’s entirely possible that one of them would qualify as the “good” one.

If for whatever silly reason you haven’t embraced your painterly side yet, you can fix that with the Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition before anyone finds out. The bundle includes the base game, the DLC and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you did the right thing.

Layers of Fear: Inheritance will cost $4.99 when it hits PC/Mac/Linux, Xbox One and PS4 on Aug 2. The studio’s next title, the cyberpunk horror FPS game Observer, releases sometime in 2017.


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