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“Brain Freeze” Thaws Out a Fresh Take on Zombies



As Fantasia‘s 20th anniversary comes to a close in Montreal all eyes are looking toward the fall festivals for the next wave of genre discoveries.  With the Quebec based event hosting an industry market it seems a local project just might be the next hot ticket.  Selected and pitched in Frontieres co-production section, the team for Brain Freeze emerged as one of the strongest titles thanks to a stunning proof of concept.  Watch the Canadian winter set showcase below for a look at an evergreen style bio-zombie with the cutest survivor evading being eaten up.  Thanks to ScreenDaily for finding the video online after the presentation.

This is a proof of concept for an upcoming zombie movie with Roy Dupuis directed by Julien Knafo and produced by Barbara Shrier from Palomar film. It takes places in Montréal Quebec in the middle of a very cold winter. It’s a dark comedy (think Shaun of the dead / Zombieland) that wants to take the zombie genre to an all new level.