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‘Tis the Season to Cool Off With ‘Frozen State’



Depending on where you live, “Winter is coming” can be used as a reference to Game of Thrones, or as a mantra that makes life inside the Eye of Sauron seem bearable. Certain video games can have a similar placebo effect, but today I’d like to chat about Frozen State. After what’s felt like an Ice Age, Flox Studios has finally freed the chilling arctic survival game from Steam Early Access, where it’s spent the last two years in-development.

The highly replayable, challenging, and often genuinely frightening open-world survival game I previewed back in 2014 has since evolved into a highly replayable and often genuinely frightening survival game set inside an enormous procedurally generated world populated by a cold cast of frosty freaks. Frozen State is available for purchase on Steam for $11.99.

Some key features:

Rogue-like and normal modes
Three main characters
Diverse enemies
Large open world
Dynamic weather conditions
Procedurally generated building interiors, loot and enemies
Crafting and building
Basic needs (hunger, thirst, sleep, etc)
NPCs and Quests


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