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Mondo Macabro Announces New Blu-ray Titles!



Whenever Mondo Macabro announces new Blu-ray titles it’s a pretty big deal. For starters they haven’t released a ton of Blu-rays yet so it’s exciting to see them grow in that regard. More importantly though, is the fact that no one releases more weird, obscure and downright strange titles than they do. With their latest announcements it appears they have no plans in relquishing their hold on the bizarre.

No release dates are official for these new titles yet but all three are expected to land sometime between late 2016 and early 2017. Currently Mondo Macabro is hard at work putting them together, but we at least know the titles and have a trailer for one.

First up is Suddenly in the Dark, a Korean horror flick from the early 80’s. The trailer, which you can see below, gives you a bit of an idea of the level of weird this one is working with. In the world of Mondo Macabro, however, this is perfectly normal. The plan is for this release to hit shelves in early October but no confirmation yet. Special features will eventually be released but we know there will be brand new cover art by Naomi Butterfield.

Suddenly in the Dark
Year – 1981
Dir. Young Nam Co

Psychological and Supernatural drama/horror. Wife is suspecting husband’s infidelity since arrival of their young housekeeper who carries a mysterious wooden doll with herself.

Following Suddenly in the Dark will be Jess Franco’s supernatural sex story Night of 1,000 Sexes! This will be the North American home video debut of a lesser known Franco entry. Personally I can’t get enough Franco so this is very much welcome. More details to come but there will be brand new artwork by Justin Coffee.

Night of 1,000 Sexes
Year – 1984
Dir. Jess Franco

A telepathic nightclub act becomes the backdrop for murder.

And the last new announcement from Mondo Macabro is The Fox With a Velvet Tail, also known as In the Eye of the Hurricane! I’ve never seen this movie but it’s the one I’m most eager for because it’s an Italian/Spanish giallo and that’s very much in the wheelhouse of what I love. Again details are limited at this time, but Mondo Macabro has advised that we can expect a 4K scan and a sparking Blu-ray presentation featuring original art work from Justin Coffee.

The Fox with a Velvet Tail
Year – 1971
Dir. José María Forqué

Ruth and Michel separate after Ruth finds another man, Paul. Ruth and Paul go to her sunny, idyllic beach side villa to spend summer. They are having a great time together, and then things start happening. The brakes of the car fail, and Ruth narrowly escapes death. The driving equipment goes faulty, and Ruth almost drowns. Michel turns up at their doorstep for an uninvited social call, and Paul asks him in. Ruth suspects Michel of being the person behind the mechanical faults of the car and the diving equipment, but Paul dismisses such a possibility – but he does suggest it to Michel. Then, the heat does go up…

Chris Coffel is originally from Phoenix, AZ and now resides in Portland, OR. He’s written a number of unproduced screenplays that he swears are decent. He likes the Phoenix Suns, Paul Simon and 'The 'Burbs.' On and cats, he also likes cats.