'Grand Theft Auto V' Player Just Made Chilling Underwater Discovery - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Player Just Made Chilling Underwater Discovery



Sharks aren’t the only thing you have to fear.

Though it may have been released back in 2013, a game like Grand Theft Auto V is so full of endless entertainment that players are still having fun with it, and discovering new things about it, to this very day. Speaking of which, Rockstar just unloaded their Halloween 2016 DLC content pack, which surely brought many gamers back into the action this past weekend.

But what one player just discovered in the game, well, it’s pretty damn chilling.

YouTube user ItsTinyTroll, who specializes in video game content, just uploaded his latest GTA V discovery to his channel on Halloween day, and it’s damn sure something of a Halloween treat. In the video, the perceptive gamer takes his player deep into the murky depths of the ocean, and it’s down there that he finds a human corpse: bag over her head, feet encased in cement.

It took three years for someone to find her. But how did she get down there…?

Watch the unsettling video below.

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