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Rare 1979 Photo Surfaces of Jamie Lee Curtis Wearing Michael Myers Mask



Photo Credit: Getty Images, Michael Ochs Archives | Donaldson Collection

Happy Birthday, Jamie Lee Curtis!

As I sit here typing this, eternal scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis is celebrating her birthday, and oh boy did we just uncover an awesome little treat for the occasion. Curtis of course rose to prominence as a horror icon courtesy of John Carpenter’s Halloween, and as we recently showed you, she still to this day has a whole lot of fun embracing her slasher movie roots.

Little has changed, it seems.

Back in 1979, shortly after the October 1978 release of Halloween, Curtis appears to have taken part in a photo shoot that saw her donning the Michael Myers mask and wielding his trademark weapon of choice. The vintage photograph, which we found through Getty Images, was taken by Maureen Donaldson, and it’s dated January 1st, 1979. It’s from the Michael Ochs archives.

In the photo, Jamie Lee Curtis is standing in a kitchen with one of the screen-worn Myers masks over her head, and she’s armed and ready to do some killing. It’s hard to tell exactly why this photo was taken – it was either just for fun or was part of a bigger shoot that doesn’t seem to have ever surfaced – but it’s a fun little vintage relic that we thought you’d get a huge kick out of.

We love you, Jamie Lee Curtis. Always and forever.