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‘John the Carpenter’ Trailer Brings You Monsters and Synth



A few weeks ago, Daniel and I were at The Gateway Film Center’s first annual Nightmares Film Festival for some October fun. Dan got in more features than I did but my heart lies with the short format of storytelling. Over the many amazing shorts, I viewed, John the Carpenter is among the top three.

John the Carpenter is a simple tale of a man out of revenge against the monster that attacked his sister. There are many nods to the titular namesake but they never come off as forced or ham-handed. We’re even treated to an original synth score by Jared Dymbort who also stars in the short itself.

John the Carpenter won Best Cinematography at the Nightmares Film Festival and recently screened at the New York City Horror Film Festival. Its next screening is coming up in December at Under Worlds Austin. The film is written and directed by Matt Braunsdorf and will be released sometime in January 2017.

Jess is a Northeast Ohio native who has loved all things horror and fringe since birth. She has a tendency to run at the mouth about it and decided writing was the only way not to scare everyone away. If you make a hobby into a career it becomes less creepy. Unless that hobby is collecting baby dolls. Nothing makes that less creepy.