Vintage Video: Boris Karloff Fondly Remembers 'Frankenstein' in 1963 Interview - Bloody Disgusting
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Vintage Video: Boris Karloff Fondly Remembers ‘Frankenstein’ in 1963 Interview



The monster turned out to be the best friend I ever had.”

Not only did the 1931 film Frankenstein help alter the course of the horror genre, but it also completely changed the life and career of Boris Karloff. Buried underneath one of the most iconic makeups in cinema history, Karloff played the monster known as Frankenstein, and the role made him a mega-star. Karloff subsequently donned the neck bolts for both Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstein, and he spent most of his career as a staple on the horror scene.

Nowadays, the internet has exposed actors to the point that we know every little intimate detail about their lives, but back in Karloff’s day, things were quite different. Unfortunately, there isn’t much behind the scenes or interview footage out there for us fans to look back on today, but a 1963 interview with Karloff recently surfaced and we wanted to share it with you today.

Not only did Frankenstein turn 85 this week, but today is Karloff’s birthday!

In the three-minute clip, Karloff talks about how he landed the role (which was originally offered to Bela Lugosi, who surely regretted turning it down!) and what it was like playing the iconic monster, and he also touches upon the legacy he would soon be leaving behind. Towards the end, the interviewer asks Karloff if he regrets having spent his career making monster movies, and Karloff replies in a way that’s sure to make you smile. He loved horror, and it shows in this little chat.