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Ghostly Voices Caught on Tape While Exploring an Abandoned Mine!



I believe in ghosts mainly because energy never dies, but it’s hard to get behind internet videos that claim to catch real ghosts or EVPs or aliens because of how simple it is to sham your audience. In fact, one of the biggest UFO viral videos was created by one of my friends as a goof to show how simple it was to trick the online world.

So, here’s this video that’s starting to go ’round, and there’s one thing I like about it, and another that annoys me to no end. Click forward to the 12-minute mark and open your ears to listen to ghostly whispers of spooks, one of which possibly says “Get out!” Skepticism takes over until you look through the user’s profile, which is basically videos of him taking viewers through abandoned mines using flashlights. He’s never claimed to have heard or seen anything before (unless I missed it), so it adds to the authenticity of this video.

But in reading the comments he’s also plugging the flashlight used in the video, offering 20% off orders that presumably was set up with the flashlight company. This is the first time recently I’ve seen such an offer, and just a bit ago he had a video go viral, hitting 1 million views, that shares the following statement: “As with all my videos, everything you see, hear, and read in this video is for entertainment value only and should not be taken literally.”

So, it’s really hard to know if the below video is authentic or not without it being verified by an unbiased source. Either way it’s sort of a fun adventure that will give you chills if you believe it’s the real deal. What do you think?

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