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Bloody Disgusting Readers Chose the 5 Best Christmas Horror Movies of All Time!




The 3,000+ votes have been tallied.

Last week we launched a poll in an effort to find out what YOU consider to be the very best Christmas-themed horror movie ever made, and as promised, we’re back here this week to deliver the results. The poll has officially closed, and in the wake of 3,025 of you guys placing your votes, we now have a pretty definitive list of the best (and worst) Christmas horror flicks of all time.

But first, let’s talk about the best: the top 5!

Throughout the past week, Black Christmas and Gremlins have been neck-and-neck, with each film finding itself in the top spot on several different occasions. But in the end, Black Christmas was the winner of the whole damn thing, nabbing an impressive 765 votes. As for Gremlins, the Joe Dante-directed classic came in second place with 762 votes – yes, Black Christmas beat out Gremlins by just three votes. As chosen by you awesome Bloody Disgusting readers, Black Christmas is THE best Christmas horror movie ever made. And you won’t find me disagreeing.

Black Christmas

Ranking in third place with 390 votes was Michael Dougherty’s Krampus, which is impressive considering the film was only released last year. Movies with some degree of nostalgia attached to them tend to dominate in polls such as this one, so serious kudos must be given to Dougherty for making a movie that has so instantly become a classic. Dougherty did much the same thing with Trick ‘r Treat, so we’re thinking it’s fair to crown him the reigning king of holiday horror.

The 1984 slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night ranked surprisingly low in the poll with 234 votes, coming in fourth place. I honestly expected that SNDN would be right up there with both Black Christmas and Gremlins, but it’s surprises like this one that make me glad we whipped this poll up: we know what WE think, but we were seriously curious to find out what YOU think.

The final spot in the top 5 went to anthology A Christmas Horror Story, which is also a brand new film released just last year. Zombie elves, holiday demon Krampus, and one badass Santa Claus came together for the incredibly fun anthology film, and it’s now clear that you guys loved it as much as we did. At the time of writing this, it can be streamed on Netflix.

Other high-ranking films in the Christmas horror poll include Black Christmas (2006), Rare Exports, Santa’s Slay, Jack Frost, and Christmas Evil, all of which I personally recommend you check out this month. The write-in category “Other” received 56 votes, and the most popular in that category were last year’s All Through the House and French film Inside, each with 7 votes.

The only film with ZERO votes? Silent Night, Deadly Night 4, which is hardly even a Christmas film!

Check out the full poll results below.