Art and Story Details from Cancelled 'Jurassic Park' Animated Series Finally Surface - Bloody Disgusting
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Art and Story Details from Cancelled ‘Jurassic Park’ Animated Series Finally Surface



We almost got to hang out with an animated Ian Malcolm.

While we wait for Jurassic World 2, we’ve got a fun little treat for you today that was just dug up by the fine folks over on Jurassic Outpost. What you may not know about the dino franchise is that the original film nearly spawned an animated series titled “Escape from Jurassic Park” back in 1993, which would’ve served as a sequel years before The Lost World came around.

All these years later, the full story outline has been unearthed.

Jurassic Outpost explains the find:

This concept was developed at the now defunct Universal Cartoon Studios, and was only seen by a few key individuals, including Steven Spielberg. The cartoon was cancelled part way into development, after the script was further explored, art was created, and a pitch reel animated.

While some art was eventually revealed via artist William Stout, the story has remained lost to all but those involved with the development.

Until now.

The animated series was to hit the small screen shortly after the theatrical release of Jurassic Park, and it was conceived as “the most distinctive and elaborately animated series ever produced for television.” Both returning characters and brand new ones were to come together for a story set after the events of the film, and it was to take place on the dino-infested Isla Nublar.

Check out art below and head over to Jurassic Outpost to read the full Season 1 outline!







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