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This Gnarly ‘Black Christmas’ Teddy Bear is All I Want for Christmas



Dear Santa. I need this.

Artist Lee Howard is the mad genius behind Quiet Room Bears, which he describes as “one of a kind, individually numbered horror art bears.” Ever since 2001, the self-taught artist has been turning teddy bears in gruesome monstrosities, and though there are other artists out there doing the same thing, it was Lee Howard who did it first and it’s Lee Howard who does it best.

Speaking of doing it first and best, the same can be said of Bob Clark’s Black Christmas, which helped launch the entire slasher movement and in doing so, helped changed the game entirely. The seminal 1974 slasher film is widely considered to be the very best Christmas-themed horror movie ever made, and Lee Howard recently paid tribute to it with an incredible custom-made bear.

As Howard explained to us, it was whipped up for the film’s 40th anniversary:

Two years ago, the good folks at Anchor Bay Canada contacted me and asked if I would be interested in making an official Black Christmas Quiet Room Bear to bring & give away at the 40th Anniversary screening in Toronto, hosted by Black Christmas star Art Hindle, and Rue Morgue magazine. I tried to incorporate elements of the movie into it, of course, like the plastic bag over its head (underneath was half a woman’s face, half human skull), I had a phone receiver under its rib cage (surprisingly hard to find a phone receiver in today’s day and age), and put working Christmas lights into it!

Howard even put the Black Christmas bear into a rocking chair. Because of course!

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