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Funko Unveils “Twin Peaks” Vinyl Toys and Action Figures



These are some damn fine toys.

Showtime’s 18-episode revival of ’90s series “Twin Peaks” is set to premiere on May 21st, and all of your favorite actors/characters are coming together to finally continue the story that seemed to forever end with 1992 film Fire Walk With Me. Speaking of your favorite characters, they’re also being turned into vinyl toys and action figures by Funko, and we’ve got the first look today.

Six characters fill out Funko’s first wave of “Twin Peaks” POP! vinyl toys, including Agent Dale Cooper, The Log Lady, Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne, Leland Palmer, and Bob. Of course, the Laura Palmer toy depicts the murdered homecoming queen’s corpse (wrapped in plastic), making it one of the most morbidly adorable POP! figures we’ve seen to date. As for the “Twin Peaks” action figures, they measure 3 3/4″ tall and each feature nine points of articulation. Agent Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer’s corpse, Bob, and The Log Lady are part of the action figure line.

All of the toys, seen below, are coming in early 2017.

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