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‘Friday the 13th’ Casting Call Reveals Interesting Elias Voorhees Details



After an agonizing period of radio silence, we’re finally beginning to learn more about the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot, tentatively set for release on October 13th of this year. For starters, the Georgia shoot is expected to begin on March 19th and continue through May 4th, and as we told you over the weekend, a casting call is currently out to fill the role of young Jason.

According to earlier reports, at least some portion of the new reboot will tell Jason’s origin story, and today we’ve got our hands on another casting call that confirms something big about the film: it will feature the very first appearance of Elias Voorhees, Jason’s father, who will likely be a major part of the story. Hardcore fans of the franchise know that Elias has appeared in various comic books over the years, and he was originally set to pop up at the end of Jason Lives; he’s always been depicted as an abusive monster who poses a threat to both Pamela and Jason.

But the upcoming reboot may be bringing a different Elias to the screen.

The casting call is seeking a “powerful-looking” male Caucasian in his late 30s-50s, and it describes Elias as a park ranger who works in the vicinity of Camp Crystal Lake. It goes on to mention that he “sees the wickedness in Jason and the effects it has on Pamela,” eventually leaving them but continuing to be a park ranger nearby. This is interesting for a few reasons.

In previous incarnations of the story, Jason has always been something of a sympathetic figure, but this casting call seems to suggest that there’s an evil inside of him from day one. The Jason we know drowned as a boy and then (likely) saw his mother get beheaded by a camp counselor, turning him into a vengeful madman. But perhaps it was always his destiny to be a killer?

Maybe we’ll even learn the source of his evil?

The various bits of info we’ve recently learned about this year’s Friday the 13th line up with it being a period piece, likely set in either the ’70s or ’80s. It seems that Pamela Voorhees will have a much more substantial on-screen role in the film than she’s had in any of the others, and we wouldn’t be surprised if at least half of the movie is devoted to Jason’s origin story.

The Crazies‘ Breck Eisner is directing with Prisoners‘ Aaron Guzikowski writing the script.

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