Watch the Official 2005 Short Film 'Rings' Before Samara's Return in 'Rings' - Bloody Disgusting
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Watch the Official 2005 Short Film ‘Rings’ Before Samara’s Return in ‘Rings’



In-between American films The Ring and The Ring Two, we saw Rings.

Samara returns to the big screen this weekend in director F. Javier Gutierrez’s Rings, a sequel to the American franchise that we haven’t heard from in well over ten years. It was back in 2005 that first sequel The Ring Two hit theaters, in the wake of the 2002 American remake, but what you may have forgotten about is a little short film that accompanied that sequel’s release.

It was titled Rings, the same as this year’s third installment.

Co-written by Erhen Kruger (The Ring, The Ring Two) and Jonathan Liebesman, and directed by Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), Rings was released in 2005 in conjunction with The Ring Two, and it served as a 16-minute prequel to that film. It was included on The Ring Two‘s DVD release, as well as a DVD re-release of 2002’s The Ring.

In the short…

Jake, a young teenager, watches the infamous video tape after joining a teen cult named “Rings”. For the next seven days, Jake lives the horrifying experiences of Samara Morgan’s curse.

The 2005 iteration of Rings, which leads directly into the events of The Ring Two, plays with the concept of being able to pass off Samara’s curse by getting someone to watch the tape before your seven days are up; it also documents the supernatural day-to-day effects that watching the tape has on the viewer. The curse is presented almost like a drug, initially altering reality in a fascinating way; of course, it doesn’t take long before the trip takes a turn for the terrifying.

The short’s premise and execution have been praised by most as being far superior to anything we got in The Ring Two, and you won’t find me disagreeing. Best of all, there are no CG deer in it!

You can revisit Rings (2005) in full HD below.