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Clive Barker and Shudder Want to Help YOU Make an Original Horror Film



Imagine making a horror film with Clive Barker? Now you can!

Project Greenlight Digital Studios and horror streaming service Shudder have just partnered with the creator of Hellraiser and Candyman for one of the coolest contests we’ve ever seen. The contest, designed to support indie horror and foster new voices in the genre, will solicit pitches for original horror films, and the winner will receive $300,000 to make his or her feature film.

Oh and did I mention that Barker will mentor the winner through production?!

The contest kicks off on February 13th:

From February 13th to March 17th, filmmakers can submit one-to-three minute pitches for original horror film concepts on Ten semi-finalists will be selected and voted on by the public. The audience winner automatically moves on to the next round, where five finalists will each receive funding to direct a short scene representative of their abilities. In June, those finalists will also be granted a spot in the second annual Shudder Labs, Shudder’s creative retreat for developing genre filmmakers, using the experience to enhance their submission.

Shorts will be judged on originality, story, character, editing, directing, and commercial value. The final stage of the contest will consist of an interview with Barker and representatives from PGLDS and Shudder, where the five finalists will answer questions regarding crew, casting, creative execution, and more.

When I was looking for financing while making Hellraiser, I wish there was a company like Project Greenlight Digital Studios behind me,” Barker said. “Teaming up with Adaptive Studios and Shudder is a wonderful opportunity to support emerging filmmakers in creating something truly iconic. This is a great chance to scare and entertain audiences at the same time.”

We cannot wait to see the end result of this truly awesome opportunity!

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