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There Was a Strange UFO in “The Walking Dead” This Past Sunday…



Creator Robert Kirkman once joked that aliens were responsible for the dead coming back to life.

There was a lot to talk about in regards to this past Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead, and while we were too busy being focused on Winslow the Gladiator Zombie, we totally missed something pretty strange that we wanted to shine the spotlight on today. When Jadis took Rick high atop a trash pile to show him just how massive their community is, you may have noticed that terrible green screen was utilized to expand upon the scenery. But we’re not here to poke fun at the show’s budgetary constraints, because hey, we can overlook that stuff.

What was most strange about the greenscreen shot, as spotted by eagle-eyed viewer Angel Luis, is that there was kind of fast-moving, unidentified flying object off in the distance behind Rick’s head. From the far right, a black object zooms past the screen; one might assume it’s a plane that got in the way of the shot, but again we must remind that the backdrop wasn’t shot on location.

When you look even closer at the video (embedded below), you’ll spot not one but FOUR different objects that zoom past the screen, all coming from the same direction.

So what’s the explanation here? Are we looking at nothing more than a technical effects glitch? Did they simply forget to remove a plane from the backdrop? Or was the show hinting at something we’ll be seeing in the future? Perhaps an as-yet unseen community that travels by airplane? Or are aliens truly responsible for the zombie apocalypse, as Kirkman once joked?

Okay, so it’s probably a technical glitch. But that’s way less fun than the other explanations.