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Brand New Madballs Cartoons Just Hit YouTube!



The coolest ’80s toys ever are back in a big way.

As we told you earlier this year, those lovable Madballs have been resurrected by the company Just Play, and you can currently find brand new balls (lol) in stores like Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us. Newly stylized takes on characters Oculus Orbus, Skull Face, and Dust Brain can be found in the first wave, and there are also mini versions available in blind-bag packaging.

The official relaunch of the line, not be confused with recent releases from Kidrobot and Mondo, was also promised to include brand new cartoon episodes, and that promise has just been delivered on. Today, the first two episodes of the “Madballs” cartoon series were uploaded onto the official Madballs YouTube channel, and they’re appropriately wacky and weird.

The Madballs are the wackiest pack of gross-tastic misfits you’ll ever meet! These outrageous pranksters never hold back, spreading mayhem, madness, and some reeeeeeeally strong gas everywhere they go. Whether you’re chilling with clairvoyant fart connoisseur Dust Brain, dodging Slobulus’s booger slime sneezes, uncovering Skull Face’s latest maniacal scheme (right before Lobe accidentally ruins it), discovering tough guy Horn Head’s sensitive side, having a laugh with practical joker Oculus Orbus or having a shouting match with Screamin’ Meamie, you’ll never be bored hanging out with the Madballs!

In ‘Mad Pets,’ Skull Face hypnotizes all humans with adorable cat videos, while in ‘Cinemad,’ a quiet night out at the movies with the Madballs is anything but.

Look for more episodes soon!


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