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Watch the Trailer for New Comic Series “John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction”



He may not be making movies anymore, but John Carpenter has never stopped delivering the horror goodness we’ve come to expect from him. In recent years, Carpenter has returned to making the kind of music that helped make his movies so memorable, and this summer he’s heading back into the world of comic books with a new series he created with wife Sandy King.

The series “John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction”, intended for mature audiences, won’t feature stories written by Carpenter, but he is overseeing the whole project with his partner in crime. The first issue of the monthly series, titled “Vault,” will hit comic store shelves on July 26th, with other multi-issue stories “Vortex” and “Untitled” following in its wake.

You can check out a synth-infused trailer for #Issue 1 below, via Nerdist!

In the three-issue tale “Vault,” written by James Ninness with art by Andres Esparza…

When the moon-bound crew of Gaia stumbles across an enormous alien vessel, more technologically advanced than their own, priorities change. The mystery deepens when the crew discovers the name of the vessel along the hull.

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