Freddy and Jason Tribute Video Cut to the "Unsolved Mysteries" Theme is Kinda Great - Bloody Disgusting
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Freddy and Jason Tribute Video Cut to the “Unsolved Mysteries” Theme is Kinda Great



I’m not really sure why this is exists. But I’m glad it does.

With “Unsolved Mysteries” being put up for instant streaming over on Amazon, the TV series that terrified ’90s audiences is experiencing a big time resurgence in popularity. In fact, the show’s creators are hungry to both release the original episodes on Blu-ray and make brand new ones, so it’s possible that the show I like to call “the original nightmare fuel” may soon be back.

One of the standout aspects of “Unsolved Mysteries,” in addition to host Robert Stack’s creepy voice, was the show’s theme song. Composed by Michael Boyd and Gary Remal Malkin, it still to this day sends chills up my spine like no other piece of music really does. It also brings back so many childhood memories of watching the show – and yes, it used to give me nightmares.

Okay, so it still does. Some things never change.

In any event, I bring this up because someone just cut together a tribute video to Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees that’s set to the “Unsolved Mysteries” theme. The footage of Jason is weirdly all from the remake, but the video nevertheless filled me with joy. The final moment from Freddy vs. Jason is particularly badass with the “Unsolved Mysteries” theme blaring. Who knew?!

Check out the fun tribute vid below!