Warner Archive Brings 1957's 'From Hell It Came' to Blu-ray - Bloody Disgusting
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Warner Archive Brings 1957’s ‘From Hell It Came’ to Blu-ray



Perhaps the greatest tree-terror feature ever made, this drive-in dynamo gets the presentation it demands – a high-contrast, pristine black and white image as only Blu-ray can deliver!

Okay, so those aren’t my own words, but it’s always good to see obscure oddities from the past getting 1080p HD remasters here in the present. We’ve just learned via press release that Warner Archive has just made director Dan Milner’s From Hell It Came available on Blu-ray for the first time today. It’s a killer tree movie from 1957. So yeah. You should probably see it.

You can grab your From Hell It Came Blu-ray over on Amazon!

Beware Tabonga! On a remote South Seas island, no one is safe from this hideous…and unique…monster. Tabonga is part man, part tree, all doom. Formerly an island prince, he was unjustly put to death by a witch doctor. Now he’s returned to life with roots, branches and a vengeance. Against natives. Against visiting American scientists who investigate the tree’s radioactive green sap. Against anyone unwise enough to expect a tree to stay put.

Special features include: original theatrical trailer (HD).