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Series 34 ‘Living Dead Dolls’ Emerge from the Grave



Deader is better.

From deep within a collapsed mine called the Devil’s Vein rise five spirits— deceived by a greedy town and forsaken by their families—bringing hell to those who have trespassed upon their fated souls. That’s the storyline behind the 34th(!) series of Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls line of collectibles, which is home to five brand spankin’ new dolls that may want to consume your soul.

Welcome to the picturesque town of Wassen Hole, East Dakota. It’s a quiet place with a secretive past, a past with terrible secrets that have been long buried. But some things refuse to stay buried forever – and in Wassen Hole, the secret of their sins have risen to exact spectral vengeance and set right the wrongs done so long ago. 

Adorably nightmarish new characters Canary, Ash Lee, Tommy Knocker, Coalette and Soot each feature 5 points of articulation and real cloth clothing. As always, the 10″ dolls will be packed in their own coffins with personalized nameplates and death certificates. You can pre-order the whole collection on Mezco’s website, which lists a September/November 2017 shipping date.

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