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We’re Loving These Retro Style Rubber Horror Toys



One of my favorite things growing up was a rubber Frankenstein toy (or Frankenstein’s Monster, if you insist on being a stickler). I still to this day have no idea where he came from (though I’ve heard different origin stories over the years), but he was bright green, had a gash on his forehead, and was rocking a red shirt with a black jacket and black pants. He was super jiggly due to being made of rubber, and I absolutely loved him.

I have no idea where that toy went, but I bring it up today because I just came across an artist who is basically turning other horror icons into that same style rubber toy. His name is Louis Kiss, and his appropriately titled Etsy shop Rubber Monsters is currently stocked with retro-style hanging rubber toys of memorable villains such as The Ring‘s Sadako, The Evil Dead‘s Cheryl, the Davis baby from It’s Alive, and even the iconic maggot-eyed zombie from Lucio Fulci’s Zombie. Just like the Frankenstein toy of my youth, they have strings coming out of the backs of their necks so that you can hang them up or dangle them from your finger, and Kiss regularly updates his shop with new color variants and even brand new monsters.

Check out some favorites below and grab one in the Rubber Monsters shop for just $20!

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