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Obscure 1982 Slasher ‘The Slayer’ Coming to Blu-ray!



If it’s only a nightmare, why is everybody dead?

In the wake of films like Halloween and Friday the 13th, so many slasher films were coming out with such overwhelming frequency that it’s understandable that so many of them got completely lost in the mix. One that definitely did was the J.S. Cardone-directed The Slayer, released in 1982. As noted in J.A. Kerswell’s must-own The Slasher Movie Book, the ’82 film presented “a strikingly different take on the genre,” blending nightmares and reality a couple years before A Nightmare on Elm Street came along.

Never seen it? That’s probably because The Slayer has to date never even been released on DVD. But forget DVD, because it’s coming to Blu-ray this August from Arrow Video! The film will finally rise from the ashes of obscurity in a brand new 4K transfer that’s hitting the UK on August 21st and the US on August 22nd.

In The Slayer, two young couples set off to a secluded island for what promises to be a restful retreat. But the peace is short-lived: as a storm batters the island, troubled artist Kay begins to sense that a malevolent presence is here with them, stalking them at every turn. Is she losing her mind, or are her childhood nightmares of a demonic assailant coming to terrifying life?

Bonus features include:

• Brand new interviews with cast and crew
• Original Theatrical Trailer
• Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Justin Osbourn

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