Scary Clown Film 'Behind The Sightings' is Ripped from the Headlines - Bloody Disgusting
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Scary Clown Film ‘Behind The Sightings’ is Ripped from the Headlines



Remember when everybody was seeing creepy clowns last year? We figured it was only a matter of time before the phenomenon was turned into a horror movie, and we’ve just learned that there’s already one coming our way this year.

And no, we’re not talking about IT.

Deadline reports that Tommy V Films just nabbed the distribution rights to Tony Cadwell’s Behind the Sightings, a psychological thriller inspired by the recent rash of sightings that was humorously dubbed a full-blown “clown epidemic.” They’ll be bringing the film to theaters in October.

In Behind the Sightings

A young married couple, Todd and Jessica Smith, two filmmakers from Raleigh in North Carolina, set out to produce a documentary exploring the highly publicized, creepy clown sighting epidemic, which was investigated by local law enforcement.

Tommy Vlahopoulos produced with Tom Sulkowski.