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GTFO With FPS Horror ‘GTFO’ Teaser!



Ulf Andersson struck gold when he came up with the Payday series, which I’ve enjoyed immensely (when my teammates cooperate and do their job). Now Andersson and his crew at 10 Chambers Collective have announced another team-based shooter with a horror twist.

GTFO (yes, that’s its name) is described as a “hardcore co-op action horror FPS”, where teams of 2-4 players must work together to survive. According to 10 Chambers Collective member Simon Viklund, “Every expedition in GTFO is unique and the game lets you make informed decisions on what equipment and weapons to bring &emdash; but even then, survival is not guaranteed.”

Obviously, that’s not entirely specific on details. Neither is Ulf Andersson’s description of the game. Andersson describes GTFO as “[going] out to the tight knit, die hard co-op teams of 2-4 people. Technically you can play alone, but really &emdash; the world of GTFO is no place for lone wolves and stragglers. They’ll die, lost in the game’s endless maze.”

If that wasn’t vague enough for you, the game’s teaser trailer hints at that maze taking place under ground, which is both exciting and scary if you’re claustrophobic (and even if you’re not). Hopefully we learn more about this one soon.

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