Kevin Smith's 'Comes the Krampus' Becomes 'KillRoy Was Here'; Shooting Now - Bloody Disgusting
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Kevin Smith’s ‘Comes the Krampus’ Becomes ‘KillRoy Was Here’; Shooting Now



What happened to Kevin Smith’s Krampus movie? We now know.

Dating back a few years, Smith revealed that he had scripted a Christmas-themed horror anthology titled Comes the Krampus, which was eventually re-titled Anti-Claus. The project, however, never got off the ground, as the Krampus explosion that came in the wake of Michael Dougherty’s film zapped Smith’s passion for making his own movie about the mythical monster.

Instead, Smith has turned Comes the Krampus into KillRoy Was Here.

We were gonna make this Krampus movie and then somebody went and made a Krampus movie,” Smith explained over on Facebook Live last night. “Ours was an anthology that played more like Creepshow. Or, to appeal to the modern day kids, Creepshow 2. Or, let’s say, Black Mirror. So yeah, it’s kinda like that. It’s an anthology. So our Krampus movie – which was called Comes the Krampus and then later on, Anti-Claus – it got shelved. So we decided to re-engineer that dopey script. We turned it into a different movie. We just changed the Krampus character – it’s almost the same script. Took the Christmas elements out of it. Instead, we’re calling it KillRoy Was Here.”

The film will feature a long-nosed monster that was designed by the legendary Robert Kurtzman, and it’s inspired by the “KilRoy Was Here” graffiti that was prominent during World War II. The horror anthology is currently being filmed in Sarasota, Florida, and Smith is being assisted by the students of the Ringling College of Art and Design.

Watch the filming of a KillRoy scene below!