[E3 2017] 'Let It Die - Battle To The Top' Trailer Takes 'Tron' Inspiration - Bloody Disgusting
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[E3 2017] ‘Let It Die – Battle To The Top’ Trailer Takes ‘Tron’ Inspiration



Grasshopper Manufacture’s Let It Die is a pretty off-the-wall hack and slash already, but with over over three million downloads since its release, it’s been a successful off-the-wall affair. Things are about to get even weirder with the upcoming update, according to the E3 trailer.

Called “the biggest update that we’ve had since launch,” according to publisher Gungho America’s Tyler Inouye, Let It Die – Battle To The Top will feature new Tron-inspired levels atop the Tower Of Barbs, starting at the 40th floor. If you haven’t played the game (it’s free to download, so go get it!), Let it Die is procedurally-generated, and involves you ascending a mammoth monument called the Tower of Barbs.

In addition, the official PlayStation Youtube page has an interview with the developers (including Gungho CEO Kazuki Morishita dressed as Let it Die mascot, Uncle Death), as well as showing off new footage of the expansion. No release date yet, but it looks to keep the weirdness going.

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