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‘Transformers’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ Share a Weird Universe Connection



Michael Bay directed one and produced the other. But it goes deeper than that.

With Transformers: The Last Knight now out in theaters, I was reminded of something over the weekend that I had been meaning to look into for a while now. The latest Michael Bay-directed film is the fifth in the franchise that kicked off back in 2007, just two years before Bay’s Platinum Dunes remade Friday the 13th. But what do the two universes have in common, aside from Bay being creatively connected to both of them?

Oddly enough, actor Travis Van Winkle links the two in an unexpected way!

Van Winkle appeared in Transformers as Trent DeMarco, the character perfectly described on Wikipedia as “the stereotypical jock: he’s on the football team, has big arms and washboard abs, a sweet ride, a smokin’ hot girlfriend, and he hates nerds.” At the start of the film, DeMarco is the boyfriend of Megan Fox’s Mikaela Banes, though he’s dumped by her when she finally catches on that he’s, well, the biggest douche in school.

Trent exits the film after Mikaela leaves him.

Cut to two years later.

In the Friday the 13th remake, directed by Marcus Nispel, Travis Van Winkle plays one of the douchiest characters in the franchise’s history. He’s a self-obsessed asshole who ends up cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend. His character’s name? Trent, described as “a snobbish rich kid who loves to show off his wealth.”

And get this. As if it wasn’t already clear (he even drives virtually the same vehicle), IMDb notes that the character’s full name in Friday the 13th is, you guessed it, Trent DeMarco!

Yes, Travis Van Winkle played the same exact character in Friday the 13th as he did in Transformers; the horror remake reveals that Trent was killed by Jason Voorhees just a couple years after Mikaela dumped his sorry ass!

Now I’m not going to pretend that this means Jason Voorhees exists in the same universe as the Autobots and Decepticons, as it’s really just a fun connection between two Michael Bay films, but there is something undeniably amazing and amusing about a character we hated in Transformers being killed within the Friday the 13th universe.

That’s Jason for ya. Righting the world’s wrongs, one asshole at a time.