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Neve Campbell Reflects On ‘The Craft’ and ‘Scream’



Neve Campbell was seemingly everywhere in the late ’90s, becoming a household name thanks to memorable performances in The Craft, Scream (and its sequel), and Wild Things – it’s pretty crazy to think that The Craft and Scream were both released in the very same year!

Over twenty years later, Campbell reflected on her two most iconic roles (among many others) in a video for EW this week.

On The Craft

I went to a 20-year reunion screening of The Craft at the Hollywood Cemetery last year, with Rachel True and Robin Tunney, and Andy Fleming, our director. It was pretty insane. Everyone was in costumes – wearing our school uniforms… and getting a little drunk. Having a lot of fun, screaming the lines at the screen. I don’t think I had ever realized what a cult kind of movie it was. What a cult classic it was. So that was a lot of fun to see.

Campbell shared similar sentiment’s about Scream‘s enduring popularity…

Scream was an absolute blast. We shot in Santa Rosa, California, outside of San Francisco, for a summer. None of us really thought it’d be huge. We had no idea. We knew the script was good, but we would literally sit together at night after long days, covered in blood, and we’d say, ‘Do you think that maybe there might be a Halloween costume?’ Twenty years later, I still see them.”