Neill Blomkamp Confirms He's Directing 'The Gone World' for 20th Century Fox - Bloody Disgusting
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Neill Blomkamp Confirms He’s Directing ‘The Gone World’ for 20th Century Fox



Inception meets True Detective in this science-fiction thriller.

It’s not being released until February 2018, but author Tom Sweterlitsch’s The Gone World is already being turned into a feature film. In fact, it was first reported back in 2015 that Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) would be directing an adaptation of the sci-fi time travel procedural.

So what’s the latest on that project? Blomkamp recently noted in an interview that he still hopes to make the film, and he revealed on Twitter today that it’s in the works! Presumably, it will be his next feature film.

The book centers on Shannon Moss, part of a clandestine division within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

In Western Pennsylvania, 1997, Shannon is assigned to solve the murder of a Navy SEAL’s family–and to locate his teenage daughter, who has disappeared.

Though she can’t share the information with conventional law enforcement, Moss discovers that the missing SEAL was an astronaut aboard the spaceship U.S.S. Libra–a ship assumed lost to the darkest currents of Deep Time. Moss knows first-hand the mental trauma of time-travel and believes the SEAL’s experience with the future has triggered this violence.

Check out Blomkamp’s reveal tweet below and expect more soon.