This Custom Made 'Evil Dead' Birdhouse Invites Birds into the Cabin - Bloody Disgusting
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This Custom Made ‘Evil Dead’ Birdhouse Invites Birds into the Cabin



This is maybe the first time I’ve ever wanted to be a bird.

Any bird who has seen The Evil Dead would probably be cautious upon entering the film’s infamous cabin in the woods, but I’m pretty sure some tasty seed would be all the coaxing they need.

This awesome custom-made creation was whipped up by Reddit’s murdrfaze, and it faithfully brings a recreation of the franchise’s iconic cabin into your own backyard. Not only is that rickety swing out front, but so too is Ash’s trusty boomstick and even the lantern featured in the original movie.

So, can you actually buy one? Due to high demand, you’ll soon be able to!

I’ve had a few offers since posting this. It took a ton of work and lots of scavenging for materials,” the man behind the Evil Dead birdhouse explained in a follow-up comment. “The rock chimney was all chipped from creek stones by hand. Due to high demand, I’ve decided to make available (10) made to order Bird houses for sale.”

At the time of writing this, the birdhouses aren’t yet up for grabs in the Lawson Leather Etsy shop. But keep your eyes peeled, as that’s where they’ll be available when they are!

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