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Did You Know There Was a ‘Candyman’ Board Game?!



Beware… the Candyman will dare you to say his name five times.

You’ve heard of Candy Land, but what you probably don’t know is that the Candyman franchise spawned a board game of its own back in the mid ’90s.

The Bill Condon-directed sequel Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh was released in 1995, and the Gramercy Pictures marketing team whipped up the board game as a fun promo item!

The game, which is very hard to find (a friend gifted me with one a while back) has a playing board that is designed to look like a map of New Orleans. You’re tasked with traveling the streets on the hunt for clues to solving the Candyman Murder mysteries, all while making sure you don’t become a victim yourself.

Along with the board, the game includes 1 die, 10 Hook Cards, 19 Candyman Cards, 1 Mansion Key Card, 30 Voodoo Cards and 5 game pieces…

To win, player must proceed clockwise along the streets of New Orleans and get to the mansion with the key card in order to unlock the secret to Candyman’s power.”

Each player starts with a token and places it on the start square on the playing board. All players then roll the die; the player with the highest roll moves first. Once gameplay begins, you lose a turn if you roll a “5” on the die – after all, saying Candyman’s name five times is what gets you killed in the movies.

If a player lands on the Bee Sting square, the player will have to return to the beginning. Landing on other squares, such as Lost Mardis-Gras Mask and Cemetery, requires you to draw a card off the deck. Each of the cards has a different power, with the Candyman Cards being the most deadly. If you draw five of them, you lose the game. As for Hook Cards, they allow you to unload Candyman Cards on other players.

The Hook Cards also allow you to take the coveted Key Card from another player – this is the secret to defeating the Candyman, as you can’t win the game without it.

Other horror movies that got their own board games? Jaws, Freddy vs. Jason, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien and Dawn of the Dead!

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