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[Gamescom] ‘Fear Effect’ Returns in 2018!



Remember 2000’s Fear Effect? Don’t worry if you don’t. The game sported some awesome for its time cell-shaded visuals on the PlayStation and a creepy story, but was compounded by some frustrating controls. Nevertheless, the game received a sequel, and was scheduled to have another sequel for the PlayStation 2, but that never happened.

Well, at Gamescom, it was announced in a brief trailer that Square Enix is bringing the original game back through its Collective subdivision! Fear Effect: Reinvented is a full remake of the original, set for release on the PlayStation 4, XBox One, PC and Nintendo Switch next year. The game will stick to the original’s roots in that fixed camera angles will be used, but will obviously have revamped visuals and controls.

Definitely keep an eye out for this one.

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