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Your Help is Needed to Get George Romero His Walk of Fame Star



Given his influence on not just horror cinema but independent filmmaking as a whole, it’s pretty insane that George Romero doesn’t already have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The good news? Last summer, it was announced that Romero would finally be getting one. The bad news? A lot of money needs to be raised in order for it to happen.

In the wake of his recent passing, an Indiegogo campaign has just been launched (with the support of friend and fellow legend, Malcolm McDowell) in an effort to raise the funds necessary to get George Romero the Walk of Fame star that he has (essentially) already been rewarded. After all, everything comes at a cost in Hollywood.

Organizer Matt O’Neill explains…

“As you may be aware, George A. Romero was nominated and selected to receive his, long over due, star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this October.  The enormous costs associated with this honor are well over $60,000 (including the price of the actual star, and star reception events). We are turning to you who knew and loved George for help to complete our star completion fund. Please look at our Donation Levels for the benefits you will receive.”

“Your assistance in this great celebration, honoring this wonderful man, is truly appreciated.”

If you’re interested in helping out, head over to the official Romero Star Fund Indiegogo campaign. Perks for donating include entry to the reception.