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Enter a Waking Nightmare in ‘Never Again’



I know it’s not a huge thing, but remember when horror video games (most notably the Resident Evil series) focused a portion of their gameplay on puzzles? I know, some of the puzzles are admittedly annoying and take you out of the action. But on the other hand, if done correctly, they’re part of the “quiet moments” on the tension rollercoaster, as well as an opportunity to expand the story.

For Primary Games’ Never Again, that seems to be what they’re doing. Set for release on Steam Early Access tomorrow, the game casts you as Sasha Anders, a thirteen year old girl who wakes up after a nightmare to find her world isn’t quite the way she left it. Sasha must find her way out of this new nightmare while trying to find her parents and brother. Adding to her troubles is her asthma, which flares up in frightening situations, giving meaning to the phrase “crippling fear”.

Right now, the game is still being fleshed out, but the Early Access version has some of the building blocks in place (such as puzzles) for a potentially frightening experience.

To find out more about the game, hit up its Steam Page. Or, if you’re keen to try a demo, you can head over to the game’s itch.io page.

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