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‘Fortnite’ Players Enjoyed Cross-Play (For a Bit)



Cross-play between platforms has always seemed like a no-brainer. Sadly, with the exception of a handful of titles, it’s never really taken off (for obvious reasons). For players of Epic’s Fortnite, however, they had a brief moment these past few days to enjoy it.

According to a series of Reddit posts, PS4 gamers had discovered over the weekend that they had the ability to play with non-PS4 players. Developer Epic Games confirmed this in a statement, but then quickly disabled it (calling it a “configuation issue”). When asked by a Twitter user for his reaction to Epic’s decision, XBox boss Phil Spencer responded that he “…would have liked to see [Epic] leave it on.”

Microsoft has been open to cross-play for a number of years, with games such as Rocket League and Minecraft being more than capable of allowing the feature. Heck, even Nintendo has been game. The sole holdout has been Sony, who have been resistant to the idea, even though they’ve talked internally about it (but with little progression). It’s a bummer, since the idea is a simple one, but egos and money get in the way. Maybe one day we’ll get that mass cross-play option. Until then, we have small moments like these.

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